It means that every facet of our company is run with simplicity in mind.  We want your entire experience of purchasing, learning about, operating and maintaining our machines to be as simple as possible.  This standard carries throughout all LHD models, which are all hydraulic with no electrical components.  With few simple controls, an engine that is easy to get to and solutions to any of your needs a call or click away, operating any LHD machine will simply transform your productivity. Seeing the K.I.S.S. Certified sticker on your machine indicates that your machine has been properly checked and assured for quality use with an end goal to create a virtually maintenance free machine.

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At LHD, quality control happens in every phase of the manufacturing process.  We know that the quality of our products will go a long way in making them simple to use.  This task is not a simple one, it entails a number of inspections, checks, and reviews before a product is sent out of our facility, but it is worth it for our customers. Adhering to these steps ensures the best possible product delivered to users every time which, in turn, makes their entire experience with our machine simpler.
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The purchase process, customer service, learning about a machine’s use and parts ordering are the backbone of any great machine.  At LHD we understand that the simplicity of these processes can make or break the success and longevity of a product and we are working hard to make sure that is the case for all our users.
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No one likes to use a machine that is overly complicated or difficult to use.  LHD machines boast simple operating controls and efficient parts and systems so that all users can learn to transform their productivity in no time at all.  Controls can be explained in seconds and are intuitive in any situation.  Demonstration videos, tutorials on how to maintain your LHD and quick access to other documentation will soon be a part of making things even simpler for LHD users so look for those to be added to our website soon.
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The K.I.S.S. system starts with engineering.  When working on new designs, or improving upon old designs, simplicity is king. Our team of engineers is constantly researching ways we can improve on designs and functionality. The goal of our engineering department is to create the best machines possible while keeping them simple enough for anyone to be able to use, maintain and troubleshoot.  We do this through customer feedback, product testing and keeping current on innovations in hydraulics and mechanical systems. When it comes time to do any maintenance on your LHD machine, know that we have designed that process to be quick and easy but if you need help we are just a call or click away.