Loading Capacity
Bucket Capacity
Kohler Engine
Foldable Standing Platform
Simple Controls
13.5 hp Engine
Splash and Debris Gaurd
Quick Engine Access
Bolt Tensioner

The LHD 4000 is our base model but there is nothing base about it.  

With simple intuitive controls, a strong engine, a large capacity bucket and compact design this machine will get you in and out of most anywhere and get the job done faster.  This machine truly allows the user to work smarter … not harder.   The LHD 4000 is a complete package that doesn’t just haul and dump like most conventional buggies or tracked haulers. The included self-loading shovel fills the bucket itself saving workers time and effort. Now you can quickly and reliably accomplish jobs on your own that would normally take multiple people much longer.  Transforming productivity… that is what we are all about!


LHD4000 Spec Sheet
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